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What is drain relining ?

Drain relining is where a special type of sleeve is inserted into the damaged section of pipe work and is usually dragged or blown in, this sleeve has resins mixed through it and as its been dragged or blown in the resins are curing in the sleeve, once this curing has taken place the sleeve goes completely hard creating a new pipe inside the old damaged pipe.

Please read on to understand why its so important that you only use a company with a proven track record in drain relining. 


What circumstances would I require drain relining ?

Usually drain relining is required where underground or overground pipe work has open or displaced joints which is allowing the water traveling along the pipe to escape into the surrounding areas causing damp or at worse subsidence and these type of repairs can be avoided if the issues are addressed through our drain relining technology.



Here at Drain relining solutions we can repair and reline all manner of foul and storm drainage pipe work as well as various diameter internal and external pipe work.

Our drain relining specialists mainly cover London, Essex and Kent but we can also cover other areas just give us a call to see if we cover your area.


 We are approved to be on the lot3 register  to Thames Waters approved waste network contractors  from October 2011 if Drainage Contractors are not approved they may  face a fine if working on Thames Water network and if an issue arises where they damage your drainage system its likely your insurer will not cover any damage as you used an unaccredited contractor.


Drain relining is a specialist area and not something that should be carried out by general contractors as if the drain relining were to go wrong you the home owner could face having your whole drainage system having to be dug up to repair the mess someone else has made. We have attended many properties where other companies tried to reline pipe work and it has gone drastically wrong costing the home owner unnecessary cost and distress.

Drain Relining solutions are a branch of Drainage Experts a company specialising in drainage repairs for over 40 years, Drain Relining solutions have been caring out drain relining for over 15 years and all our work is fully insured and guaranteed.




We keep drainage relining costs down due to our low overheads and we are known throughout this sector for delivering a drainage relining solution for all manner of situations and a cost that can't be beat, we offer a free CCTV survey and high pressure jetting on all drain relining jobs.


We use the latest drainage relining equipment and show you exactly what we are doing to your drains and supply a colour DVD of the completed drain relining on completion of works.


All our engineers are qualified to the highest standards using the latest equipment.





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 Direct to an engineer so this saves you time having to explain the problem or your requirements twice.


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